In the spirit of Milan Fashion Week, there are two runway shows and a sim-wide treasure hunt. The first show, World Beauty will be on Saturday at 12 noon. World Beauty presents a look at what beauty means throughout different cultures all over the planet. Models will represent the people of the world in all their wonderful shapes, sizes, colors and clothing traditions.

WoB includes onsite vendors for purchasing the runway items featured in the World Beauty show, info/donation kiosks for NEDA, and plenty of places to wander and enjoy the view.

An eclectic variety of music will be playing during the entire WoB event from many SL DJs (house, dance, lounge and world music) and live singers. Highlights include singers/musicians Jonas Lunasea, Maximillion Kleene, Keely Lutrova and DJs Azu and Kromus Korobase.

For information: or
View the WoB Schedule of Events at

Fashion show designers and on-site vendors include:

Adam n Eve
Akeyo Shoes
B & B Skins
Beauty Avatar
Caroline's Jewelry
DeLa for Crimson
EarthStones Jewelry
Good Morning Rainbow
[insert cool name]
LeeZu Baxter Designs
Mashooka Designs
Minnu Model Skins and Hair
Princess for a Day
Sakurako Skin & Shape
Shapes by Kira
Shapes by Zada
WooT Fashions
Zhao Shoes

Builders: Stein Shilova, Ted Cornell
Vendors provided by: Stein Shilova
Video provided by: JfR Beaumont from DBC Radio/TV
Shoutcast provided by: Ganesha Xi of Project X
DJ booking and promotions provided by: Lexx Runo and Mlita Pennell of ScoutLounge (visit

Additional contributions by: Cellside Unknown, Grace Loudon, LaTaea Rayna, Nate Ninetails, Shannon Yamabushi, Sugarr Delight, Sysperia Poppy, Tesa Jewell, Voshie Paine, Zoe Hartnell
  • Thursday, September 25, 2008